ILLiad Email Templates

The following Email Templates have been submitted by IDS Project member libraries during the Regional User Group meetings. Please feel free to incorporate the Templates into ILLiad. For more information on Email Templates, please visit the Email Notifications section of the Workflow Toolkit or refer to the Atlas Systems Documentation.


Borrowing - Cancellation (Provided by YCM)
Borrowing - Contact Customer (Provided by VXF)
Borrowing - Dissertation Cancellation (Provided by XNC)
Borrowing - Extensive Searching Needed (Provided by XMB)
Borrowing - Full Text Available (Provided by VGK)
Borrowing - ILLiad Renewal OK (Provided by VQT)
Borrowing - Multimedia Loan (Provided by BUF)
Borrowing - Item Due Soon (Provided by YGM)
Borrowing - Item Owned, On Hold (Provided by VJN)
Borrowing - Item Owned, On Hold (Provided by ZBM)
Borrowing - Loan Recall (Provided by VXH)
Borrowing - Please Resend Request (Provided by ZEM)
Borrowing - Purchase Request Not Filled (Provided by XJM)
Borrowing - Request Arrived (Provided by VJA)
Borrowing - Request Cancelled (Provided by ZLM)
Borrowing - Shipped Item not Received (Provided by VXV)
Borrowing - Transaction Cancelled, Item Held (Provided by YJA)


Lending - Request from Branch (Provided by RVE)
Lending - ILLiad Question (Provided by VVV)
Lending - Invoice for Lost Material (Provided by ZQM)
Lending - Replacement Invoice (Provided by SYB)
Lending - Request for Information (Provided by ZVM)
Lending - Unable to Ship (Provided by VXV)


Serials Holding Discrepancy (Provided by VDB)
Serials Holding Error (Provided by VZJ)